Sunday, August 21, 2011

If I were more couragious, I'd submit this to Sociologial Images

I watched I Love You Philip Morris last night (which is excellent and on Netflix instant). Today, Netflix asked me to rate it and I gave it 5 stars because it was good.

The next screen they ask me, "How often do you watch steamy" and "How often do you watch gay and lesbians?"

I'm sorry, but the whole categorization of this just bothers me. First off, I didn't think the movie was all that steamy. It felt tamer than many movies about heterosexual couples that I've watched, so I'm curious as to how it was steamy. Because it features a gay relationship and acknowledges that they have sex? If that automatically means "steamy," then we must be much farther from the goal of equality than I thought.

Regarding the gay and lesbians question - okay, fine, I can see how Netflix might want to know if I have a particular interest in watching gay relationships vs. straight relationships, but I would hope that the relationship in the movie is seen as a relationship in its own right and not just as a gay relationship.

It's not like Netflix's system is known for its sensitivity. I remember that after I watched Do The Right Thing, it decided that Big Momma's House should be my next movie. It would never occur to Netflix that I watched one of the greatest movies ever made because it is intelligently crafted and not because I have a particular interest in movies featuring people of color.

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