Thursday, August 18, 2011

Funny things that people come here for

I was fiddling with the site stats on this blog this morning and was laughing at what people search for that have them end up here. The top phrases that people Google seem to be:

  1. Detroit Derrida: This cracks me up. It makes me want to write a short story called Derrida in Detroit. I sort of imagine it in feminist hulk language "Derrida deconstruct this building! Smash! Building representative of racial duality! Smash!" 
  2. What is the most pretentious blog: Seriously. This is a thing. I imagine that people are hanging out and arguing about what blog is the most pretentious and they find me. It must be so disappointing.
  3. Specific phrases: I see a lot of people coming here after searching for specific phrases that appear on this blog. I flatter myself by imagining that these are professor-types trying to figure out if students are plagiarizing. 
  4. People have a right to be pretentious: Good lord. I suspect this is some hipster who got called pretentious. Dude, I hate to tell you, but you are pretentious. 

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